Parent Info

There are no entry fees for spectators at any of the Fiesta MLK Classic sites.  Therefore there are no wristbands sold or needed.

There is no food or drink (including coffee) allowed in any of the gyms.  Water in a closed top container for the players is the only outside drink allowed in any gym.  This is for the protection of the facility.  

Chairs may be brought into some of the venues.  It is up to the facility whether they allow them or not.  Please respect the facility requirements.

Team Camps are located outside every facility.  To facilitate a smooth changeover between the AM and PM waves, please clean up all Team Camps prior to the last match for the team.  Please clean up all the trash at the team camp after each wave.

Attending the tournament as a spectator is a privilege.  Please respect the facility requirements, the site personnel, the officials and the opposing teams.  Any spectators disrespecting the facility, site personnel, officials or other teams will be asked to leave the facility.

T-shirts and other vendors will be at all sites.  

Athletic Trainers are provided at all tournament sites.  For preventative taping please bring your own pre-wrap and tape for the trainers to use.