Fiesta MLK Classic 2024

Follow the tournament in AES.

A roster is not needed to register for the tournament.  A roster must be entered before December 15.  You must have your roster in AES prior to check in.  You are not able to check in online without a roster.  Remember, that collegiate coaches cannot see your players if they are not in the AES system. 

Divisions Offered

  • 17/18 Open
  • 17/18 Club
  • 15/16 Open
  • 15/16 Club
  • 13/14 Open
  • 13/14 Club
  • 12s

Entry Fee for 2024 is $875


Registration was closed in early November 2022.  Fiesta MLK Classic met the max number of teams that we could handle.  Teams can register for a waiting list.

Payment deadline is Dec 15, 2023.

A roster is required to participate and must be entered into AES by Dec 15, 2023.  The USAV Import into AES is required so that the members are verified.

Modifications to the roster are allowed up to check in.  Proof of membership for 2024 season is required for anyone added to the roster at check in.


Parking at some of our sites may be problemmatic.  We have been notified that parking in the lots of adjacent buildings to Court One and Inspire will result in your car being towed. 

It is encouraged for teams to car-pool to sites with restricted parking or drop off and park on another street.  

Observe all restrictions to parking or risk being towed.


As is being experienced everywhere, there is a possibility of a shortage of officials at some of our sites.  If there is no paid official on the court, the team that is required to referee will be required to provide an R1 (up ref) during the team ref assignment.

Every effort is being made to secure enough officials to cover every court.  

It is expected that all spectators, coaches and players respect the official on their court.  Those that abuse or treat officials or any staff members with disrespect will be asked to leave the facility.

Check In

Tournament Check In has been enabled online or will take place on Friday, Jan 12 between 4 pm and 7 pm at the ASU Student Fitness Center on the main campus of ASU - Apache Blvd and Normal Street.  If a team is unable to make the check in time on Friday night, they must check in on Saturday morning at least 1 hour before they play.  Check in is at the ASU Fitness Center ONLY - there is no tournament check in available at any other site.

Rosters are required to be in AES in order to check in online.  All rosters must be entered in AES by Dec 15, 2023.  Those checking in in person must bring their own signed roster for the tournament.

All format or play schedule changes will be posted online.  It is the responsibility of the team to check AES for ref assignments and play time. 

Teams should be on site no later than 1/2 hour prior to scheduled match start time.  On Monday, next matches will start as matches finish on the court.  

Division Schedules

All ages and divisions are scheduled both waves of pool play on Saturday and Sunday. 

For the most part, those teams that finished 1st or 2nd on Saturday will play in the AM wave on Sunday; teams that finished 3rd or 4th on Saturday will play in the PM Wave on Sunday, unless otherwise stated.

Everyone plays in a bracket on Monday.  Bracket times are varied and will be listed in AES.  We try very hard not to schedule matches beyond 5 pm on Monday so that everyone can get home at a decent time.

The tournament will be posted on AES on Wednesday or Thursday of the tournament week.  Saturday pool assignments will be posted below on Tuesday of the tournament week.

COVID Protocols

At this time (Sept 25, 2023) the following are the COVID Protocols for the 2024 Fiesta MLK Classic.

As with any infectious diseases, everyone is encouraged to take their own personal care to avoid illness.  Wash hands often, wear a mask if social distancing cannot be accomplished, cough into elbow, STAY HOME if sick or not feeling well, those with vulnerable health conditions should consider not attending in person.  

Teams will not switch sides unless there is a distinct advantage to one side over the other.  This decision is made for each facility before the tournament begins.  It is not for the team to request it.

There are no restrictions on the number of spectators inside the facilities.  Teams should not overfill the team camps but spread out to allow for distance between those in the camp.